All of the hard work and commitment of Northwest dairy farmers and local Darigold employees results in delicious Darigold milk and dairy foods. From classic ingredients for a good life, like milk and real sweet cream butter, to new products that give your healthy lifestyle a boost of nutrition and flavor, our current line-up reflects over one hundred years of dedication to the best dairy possible.

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An excellent source of calcium and protein, delicious Darigold milk is a perfect choice any time of the day. Pour it over a bowl of your favorite cereal to start the morning off right, or enjoy a glass with home-baked cookies at anytime.
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Flavored Milk

There's a Darigold flavored milk for every season. Each product starts with protein-rich, high-quality milk. Then we level-up the flavor with the best ingredients, like real cocoa, and serve it up in perfect snack-break sizes.
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Darigold butter is here to help you bake, cook, spread, and baste your way through every delicious homemade meal. We use only the highest-quality fresh sweet cream to produce our butter, so its the perfect foundation for all of your family's favorites.
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Sour Cream

Darigold sour cream is made with three simple ingredients. Fresh milk, cream and live & active cultures makes it the multitasking favorite of fridges across the Northwest. Put it in, or on top of your recipes, to make any dish smooth and tangy.
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Cottage Cheese

We've made "craft cottage cheese" a thing. Hand-crafted and gently stirred, the fragile curd is key. Perfection is defined as the ideal balance of cream and acidity. The Darigold mastery of the cultured fermentation process results in a fresh, delicious product every time.
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Each batch of our cheese is hand-selected from our cheesemaker. We’ve been doing it that way for over 20 years, bringing you the best cheese varieties the Northwest has to offer for your meals and snack time.
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Creams and Creamers

Our creams are creamier and made with real rbST-free milk from Northwest farmers. Mix it in coffee or whip it up for a delicious topping. Keep it classic with high-quality half & half or try new creams and flavored creamers to stir up your routine.
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Yogurt is a good source of protein, excellent source of calcium—and of course, deliciousness.
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