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For over a century, Darigold has been making a positive impact by providing the world with high quality, affordable nutrition. Although the basic ingredient – milk – remains the same, we continue to innovate to meet evolving tastes and priorities. We collaborate with organizations that promote nutrition education, and we're more focused than ever on meeting global nutrition needs.

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Milk and dairy foods have a wide range of key nutritional qualities, including vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids, and complete protein. Our classic dairy products continue to provide high quality, affordable nutrition to families, while our innovative new products are delivering traditional dairy nutrition with enhanced benefits to active lifestyles.

FIT Milk

FIT Whole 59oz Carton

FIT Milk was launched in 2019 to offer milk that is lower in sugar and higher in protein to help fuel active lifestyles. Darigold FIT is ultra-filtered, reduced fat 2% milk with 75% more protein per serving than regular milk. It also has 40% less sugar than regular milk and is lactose free.

Encouraging Healthy Choices

Darigold collaborates with organizations and initiatives to promote healthy choices. Consumption of dairy in a balanced diet and education about making healthy choices is a powerful combination for improving individual and public health. We are proud to support these and other efforts through product donations, educational materials and presentations, and financial contributions.

Global Nutrition

The significance of dairy in meeting global nutrition needs is growing. The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) estimates that six billion people around the globe consume milk and milk products. In the past 50 years, dairy consumption in developing nations has nearly doubled and is expected to grow more than 5% annually between 2015 and 2022.

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Darigold has responded to this need by increasing our ability to meet this demand with plant and product innovations that help us provide more Northwest dairy products to people who need them worldwide.

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