Water Conservation

Water is an essential resource we all share. It's one of the most important natural resources in dairy production. We are focused on reducing water use and the amount of wastewater produced in dairy processing. We measure our water use and continually invest in new technologies that help us conserve.


We have been working hard over the past several years to systematically track and meter all of our water use and all of our wastewater and carefully analyze our water performance. Our Environment Health and Safety (EHS) managers in all Darigold plants have been working to identify and fix leaks, reuse water when possible, and develop process changes that reduce water consumption. These efforts have paid dividends by allowing us to reduce fresh water consumption overall by 2.7% and fresh water intensity (gallons of water per pound of milk processed) by 1.8% from 2011 to 2015. This represents true improvement, as our total product volume was essentially flat over this time period.



Wastewater Reuse

Dairy processing technology is allowing us to conserve and reuse water in new ways year by year. Innovations we’ve invested in allow us to harvest water from the process of making different dairy products. This “polished water” resulting from milk drying processes is treated and reused several times for various plant cleaning purposes before it may be discharged into wastewater infrastructures. Instead of using more water as the amount of dairy products we produce has grown, we have invested in technology that makes the most and best use of the water required for production.

Darigold and Lynden Water Reclamation Project

Learn about the innovative water reclamation project Darigold and the city of Lynden, Wash. are collaborating on to benefit the community.

Lynden Water Conservation

Lynden Water Conservation