Reducing Environmental Impact

From energy conservation to reductions in waste, we strive to reduce our environmental impact each year. Measurement shows we are headed in the right direction - steadily reducing the carbon footprint, water use, energy use, and waste per pound of milk we process.

Our core goals for improving our operations, thereby reducing our environmental impact are:

  • Lowering the carbon footprint intensity of processing each pound of milk
  • Growing efficiency in our use of electricity and natural gas
  • Using less water and generating less wastewater per pound of milk we process
  • Reducing the total amount of waste created across the supply chain and increase recycling

Achieving Results for the Environment

Environmental innovations start on Northwest Dairy Association farms and continue at Darigold with specific technology and operational improvements in our processing, transportation, and packaging of dairy products through these efforts:

Total Resource Use


Operation Improvement 9

Operation Improvement


Natural Gas

Operation Improvement 7

Operation Improvement 8



Operation Improvement 5

Operation Improvement 6



Operation Improvement 3

Operation Improvement 4



Operation Improvement 1

Operation Improvement 2