Environmental Improvement

We're committed to measuring the environmental impact of every gallon of milk we process by investing in people, systems and technology that drive environmental progress.

A dairy processing plant with silos and a brick building

Environmental Impacts

Our commitment to the environment starts with setting specific goals for reducing our impact — and then measuring our progress. From reducing carbon emissions, water use and waste to increasing energy efficiency, we are constantly making gains.
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Engineer with a hardhat using a tablet at a construction site


The path to reducing our carbon emissions is paved with reductions in natural gas and electricity use and traversed by our dedicated energy teams.
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Striking image of a mountain reflected across in a lake at dusk


One of the most precious resources we have, water is essential to dairy production. We carefully measure our water use and continually invest in new technologies that help us conserve.
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Supply Chain


From packaging innovations to logistics improvements, we are focused on finding ways to decrease our impact on the environment, one gallon of milk at a time.
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