Our Commitment

Dairy is a commitment. It's a commitment to cows and community. To farmers and hard working employees. To chocolate milk loving children and Café au lait-loyal adults.

To ensure we're doing dairy responsibly, we are committed to measuring the impact of every gallon of milk and brick of cheese we make. Our sustainability efforts reflect our desire to serve our land, cows, people and communities.

Darigold FIT Chocolate Milk
Committing to

Cooperative Social Responsibility

Cooperative social responsibility: It’s been our heritage. It drives us today. It will be our future. From stewardship of cows and land to reducing environmental impacts and improving social value, sustainability is an important commitment and a part of our strategy.
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Our Commitment 11


From small operational adjustments to multi-million dollar investments in environmental infrastructure, we’re putting substantial resources into our environmental sustainability commitment. We are investing in people, systems and technology to drive environmental progress across the supply chain.
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Our Commitment 6

Health & Nutrition

For decades, Darigold has been providing our customers and consumers around the world with high quality, affordable nutrition. Although the basic ingredient – milk – remains the same, we continue to innovate to meet evolving tastes and priorities. We have introduced new products to simplify ingredients, enhance nutrition, improve packaging, and extend product shelf life.
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