Milk and Cookies

Darigold is proud to put Milk on a Mission and give back to our community

Our commitment to social responsibility is core to our values and has been practiced since our cooperative was founded over 100 years ago.  As part of that commitment, Milk and Cookies teamed up to support Girl Scouts councils across Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, Utah and Washington to help inspire the leaders of tomorrow. From February 22 through March, 2021 Darigold donated to local Girl Scouts for every carton or bottle of extended shelf life milk sold at participating retailers across the region.

Darigold Milk on a Mission 6

How to get Girl Scout Cookies

The Annual Cookie Sale looks a little different this year. Due to the pandemic, Girl Scouts cannot sell cookies in person. However, there are still several different ways to buy Girl Scout Cookies.

1. Ask a Girl Scout – Delivery or Shipping
Support a Girl Scout in your life by buying cookies from them directly. Don’t know any Girl Scouts? Ask your personal or social media network – Girl Scouts are advertising their digital storefronts online.

2. Cookie Finder – Shipping
Enter your zip code into the Cookie Finder at to have cookies shipped directly to you or donated to Operation Cookie, ( donation program.)   Or ship cookies to a loved one to brighten their day.  Shipping charges apply.

3. Door Hangers – Delivery or Shipping
Local Girl Scouts are distributing physical order forms. Look for Girl Scout Cookie door hangers in your area and follow the instructions to place your order.

4. Cookie Connector – Free Delivery
Starting March 1, a link will be provided here for the Cookie Connector tool to get FREE, contact-less delivery! Enter your zip code to get cookies delivered to your door by a local Girl Scout and their trusted adult.

Learn more about Darigold and the Girl Scouts