CA Supplier Act

Darigold takes pride in providing consumers with a full line of healthy, fresh, wholesome dairy products and complies with all applicable state and federal wage and hour laws, as well as civil rights laws, and does not engage in or condone slavery or human trafficking.

Darigold’s suppliers are required to adhere to all laws and regulations applying to their activities, including laws prohibiting slavery and human trafficking. Darigold believes, based on its experience and knowledge regarding its suppliers and the type of business in which Darigold engages, that the risks that its suppliers may engage in slavery or human trafficking is remote, and thus does not currently verify, audit or require certifications regarding suppliers’ practices in this regard.

Darigold employees and contractors are accountable for following the law, including laws relating to slavery and human trafficking, and the Company provides slavery and human trafficking awareness and risk mitigation training to employees directly engaged in supply chain management activities.