Cooperative Mission and Governance

The dairy farm cooperative that is now known as the Northwest Dairy Association was founded by farmers in 1918 to address marketing challenges they faced. While the number of farms and gallons of milk produced has ebbed and flowed over the decades, strong farmer leadership hasn't changed a bit. Darigold is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Northwest Dairy Association. Governance practices empower cooperative members and the Northwest Dairy Association board to provide leadership and determine the direction of the company.

Governance Structure

The Northwest Dairy Association (NDA) Board of Directors consists solely of current NDA members. The normal director term of office is three years.

Board Committees & Representatives

NDA Executive Committee – The Executive Committee is formed from elected directors under NDA Bylaws, and consists of the Board Chair, the Board Vice-Chair, the Secretary, the Treasurer and two other Directors elected by the Board of Directors. The Executive Committee’s powers are as prescribed by the Board of Directors and may include all of the powers of the Board of Directors, subject to the general approval and control of the Board.

Other Committees – Board Committees besides the Executive Committee are formed under NDA Bylaws. Board Committees generally do not have authority to make policies or to act on behalf of the Board, except if and when such authority is specifically delegated by the Board.

Board Committees include the following: Applications, Audit, Compensation, Finance & Risk, Governance, Quality & Farm Practices, Hauling, and Resolutions.

NDA Representatives – The NDA Board may choose directors to represent the association regarding certain matters. The scope of such representative’s authority is determined by the Board and subject to the general approval and control of the Board. NDA currently has representatives in regard to the following: U.S. Dairy Export Council, American Dairy Products Institute, Dairy Management Inc., Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy and National Milk Producers Federation.

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