Life at Darigold

Here at Darigold, we focus on creating a great workplace through the work we do and the people with whom we work. Driving tangible changes in culture and practice, we strive to grow employee engagement and enable high performance.

We’re devoted to building and upholding a culture where inclusion, diversity and equality are appreciated and respected. The Darigold employee journey — starting with your application — is designed to be purposeful, encouraging all individuals to share their talents and contribute to organizational goals and objectives.




Darigold offers employees full coverage healthcare with multiple coverage levels for medical, dental and vision plans, as well as Flexible Spending, Health Savings Accounts for the whole family, life insurance, critical illness, disability and accident coverage.


All employees are eligible for paid vacation and family sick time. Benefit-eligible mothers receive paid maternity leave.


Offering a competitive 401(k) retirement plan, we include a generous company match as well as Safe Harbor and Profit-Sharing non-matching contributions. All savings are managed through a trusted provider, who offers above standard service and resources to support all areas of financial concentration.


We offer numerous employee perks, including free public transit Orca cards, free parking, orca tele-commute circumstances, onsite fitness center (HQ), free and discounted Darigold products and more.

Our employees represented by unions might have different benefits specific to their contract.


Stewardship is foundational to how Darigold does business. As stewards, we care about what is entrusted to us and pay as much attention to “how we do it” as to “what we do.” This calls for putting the interests and safety of our colleagues, ourselves and our communities above all — with a steadfast commitment to improving our safety record every day.


Product Donations & Volunteering 1

Darigold producers, management and employees care about supporting our communities and demonstrating our commitment to being good corporate – and cooperative – citizens. Through a flourishing Giving Program, Darigold not only encourages employee stewardship, but also supports those efforts in various ways.

  • In-Kind Product Donations
  • Charitable Monetary Contributions and Sponsorships
  • Employee Matching Gift Donations
  • Volunteer Program of Acknowledgement & Paid Time Off Work



Culture 1

Darigold does more than just produce dairy products. We’re a provider of everyday food that people enjoy and depend upon. Not only that, we’ve been around for 100 years and our Northwest communities have grown up knowing and trusting Darigold, in some cases their entire life. It goes beyond branding and beyond being a local company. We are a neighbor and neighbors get involved directly with other neighbors to bring communities to life.

Darigold wants to be recognized as a good neighbor, and this takes face-to-face engagement with actual people and partners to show we care on a more intimate level. To be a Darigold ambassador means to be a living voice, model and representative of the company, brand and farmers. Darigold ambassadors are engaging, compassionate, resourceful and knowledgeable of all things Darigold. We recognize that a community’s recognition and trust in a Darigold Ambassador is direct recognition and trust for Darigold, the company.


We’re passionate about building a diverse and inclusive work environment, which includes encouraging all our employees to acknowledge, respect and support our differences. We also believe personal development leads to enhanced career development and fosters interest in employee-driven resource groups.


Employee Rights and Safety 4

Devoted to representing an equal and shared voice for our talented women, WE2 (Women Empowered & Engaged) provides valuable resources that empower women to succeed and grow in their careers and engage community partners committed to female leadership.


Life at Darigold 2

Darigold recognizes employee contributions at all levels of achievement through formal and informal programs such as employee spotlight, performance, milestone anniversaries and retirement.


Employee Rights and Safety 3

At Darigold, we’re dedicated to attracting, retaining and developing employee talents that reflect the communities in which we live. We endeavor to grow a culture of high performance with each employee empowered to create their own legacy. In support of programs like iLead, leaders and employees share knowledge of leadership skills, engagement practices and productive communication efforts. Darigold also partners with local colleges and universities to provide internship or apprenticeship opportunities and invests in the development of our employees through educational assistance and on-the-job training.