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The Darigold you see today was started in 1918 by a small group of ambitious Washington dairy farmers. A lot has changed since then, but just like in the beginning, we’re still a Northwest farmer-owned and led cooperative.

We process farm fresh milk into products with unsurpassed quality, freshness and flavor. Learn more about what we’ve been up to for the last 100 years.

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In 1918, a visionary group of farmers started what would become a leading dairy cooperative and top-selling dairy brand.

Learn how the perfect dairy farming conditions of the Northwest and a passion for producing nutritious dairy products has shaped a century of Darigold.
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Jeremy Visser and family
Farmer Owners

Northwest Dairy Association

The Northwest Dairy Association, referred to as NDA, is a cooperative with nearly 450 dairy farm members in four Northwestern states: Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana. These member farms own Darigold and each is an independently owned and managed farm.
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Darigold is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Northwest Dairy Association cooperative of farmers. Darigold's purpose is to provide a secure market for NDA farmers' milk and maximize its value while nourishing families with delicious, high quality dairy products.
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In the 24-7-365 life of dairy there is always something interesting going on. Learn about the sustainability awards NDA farmers keep winning, to innovative Darigold product launches and everything in between.
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