May 9, 2019

Ruby Ridge Media Statement

Northwest Dairy Association & Darigold Statement: Ruby Ridge litigation outcome, May 2019.

We understand that the Ruby Ridge Dairy lawsuit has been settled.

We’re not surprised. Ruby Ridge Dairy has a demonstrated track record of good working conditions, as judged by regular independent labor evaluations. They continue to be in good standing with the cooperative.

More info about Ruby Ridge, Darigold and the Northwest Dairy Association:

Darigold was not part of this 10-year litigation between Ruby Ridge, former farm employees and a labor union. Neither Darigold nor the Northwest Dairy Association (NDA) are privy to the details of its termination.

It’s important to remember that NDA member farms, such as Ruby Ridge, are independently owned and operated. Ruby Ridge markets its milk to Darigold.

Darigold is a wholly-owned subsidiary of NDA that processes and markets the milk produced by NDA member farms.

At Darigold and NDA, we take worker welfare and safety seriously. We are committed to the ethical treatment of all those who our business touches because it’s the right thing to do and because we care.

We can’t deliver great-tasting, fresh dairy products without a positive working environment both in Darigold plants and on NDA member farms. People are important to our shared business success.

NDA member owners are committed to being good stewards of the environment and the animals in their care. Their future and their family’s future depend on it.

The farmers of NDA operate under a rigorous and comprehensive program to ensure leading edge dairy stewardship and sustainable farm practices.

Underlying principles set high standards for all NDA members.  One of the four major components of this program promotes farm employee social welfare and safe, positive and productive work environments.

Through deployment of these standards and guiding principles, the farmer owners are held accountable to a system of expectations and industry best practices. This is done with professional third-party on-site audits and verified evaluations.

All NDA farms with five or more employees go through regular independent evaluations for working conditions and a positive work environment.

NDA has not been able to find anything to support the allegations which a labor union organization continues to claim about member farms. In fact, the results of our inquiries suggest the opposite – a good work environment, and good labor standards practiced across the cooperative with a commitment to continuously improve.

Capital Press story, May 8:

After 10 years, dairy, UFW settle lawsuit