75%More Protein

*per 8oz serving
Darigold FIT 1

40%Less Sugar

*per 8oz serving
Darigold FIT


*per all servings
Darigold FIT 2

Why Fit Milk?

Darigold FIT delivers sustained energy with 75% more protein and 40% less sugar per serving than whole milk. We know you’re thinking about your health, and that’s why we made it. Darigold FIT packs more good into your favorite meals whether you’re starting your day over a bowl of cereal or ending it with a hearty homemade recipe.


Drink Up Do More

Darigold FIT is specially formulated with the healthy shopper in mind, delivering more protein with less sugar - all with the same great taste. Packed with nutrition and free from artificial flavors, colors and sweeteners - it fits right in with the finest products we make here at Darigold.
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Fit Whole Milk

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Fit Chocolate Milk

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Fit 2% Milk

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