November 20, 2018

​Holiday Sampling

​Holiday Sampling 6

The holidays are the busiest but also the most rewarding time of year. Kicking off right after Halloween, and for some right after Labor Day. You face the flurry of getting decorations up, school or church plays, family meals, and scheduling a time to see Santa. Darigold has a strong and committed past to holiday events. This year the Darigold team participated in multiple Santa Sampling Events, listed below, giving out chocolate milk and eggnog.

Black Friday Sampling at South Center

From November 23-25, we sampled Eggnog and Chocolate milk during the holiday rush.
​Holiday Sampling 2

Sensitive Santa

Two new events that we participated in this year are called Sensitive Santa, which were held on December 2 and 9. These are activities specifically for children with autism. It was a unique and heart-warming community event to be a part of!
​Holiday Sampling 3

Auburn Mall: Milk and Cookies with Santa

On December 15th, Santa read stories to children while they sipped on Eggnog and Chocolate Milk.
​Holiday Sampling 4