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Darigold does dairy differently. Maybe it's because the farmers own the company. Or because we spell our name with an i. Or because we tend to ask questions. Reasonable ones, like "why does dairy have to be dull?" And less reasonable ones, like "why not put cottage cheese on Belgian waffles?" or "why not sculpt a butter bust of Beethoven?" We believe dairy is what you make of it. Which is why we dare to make the best of the world's best dairy. The kind inside every meal worth living for. Every cereal bowl worth sipping. Every beater worth licking and every dish, plate and spoonful of mouth-defying amazingness worth savoring and sharing. For almost a century, the dedication of our cows, farmers and people are what have driven Darigold's success. And while it's true that we're one of America's largest dairy co-ops, Darigold has been farmer-owned since 1918. Today we proudly represent nearly 500 family farms across the Northwest. We're the producers of milk, butter, sour cream, cottage cheese and other dairy products for institutions, the food industry and family dinner tables around the world. We do dairy differently and we're proud of it. It's farm meets delicious. It's Farmalicious.


High Quality

If this were a job interview and you asked Darigold "what are some of your best qualities?" we'd probably say it's butter that's better for baking. Or our thick, velvety sour cream that passes the upside-down spoon test. And let's not forget about our delectable, hand-cut cottage cheese. Sorry if we're bragging a bit. But then again, this is an interview. And Darigold really, really wants to be your family's dairy. If we already are, then we vow to keep working hard to earn that coveted spot in your refrigerator door. Every glass of milk you sip, every birthday cake you bake and every entrée you dish up is a chance to live up to that promise. As a farmer-owned dairy, it goes without saying that Darigold products are held to some pretty high standards. We stand behind the quality and consistency of everything we make. If we wouldn't be jazzed to eat it, drink it or pour it in our own kid's sippy cup, it doesn't go on the truck.



If you were a Darigold farmer in 1918, you probably milked your cows by hand. Chances are you also loaded all that milk onto a horse-drawn buggy. Thankfully, our farmers have embraced modern technology. Today, we manage one of the largest dairy co-ops in the world. Our dairy farms and plants are truly awe-inspiring and efficient facilities. But we still make products our grandparents would be proud of. Darigold milk tastes like milk should because it's flash-pasteurized, making sure it maintains all the flavor and lasts longer in your fridge. It's also free of rBST growth hormones. Our butter is made by one of America's only European-style vacuum churns, which makes for butter with fewer air bubbles that's perfect for baking. And although our cottage cheese is made in large batches, the curds are still cut by skilled human hands. Having the latest technology also helps Darigold produce less of some things. Like less waste, fuel consumption and lower environmental impact. And since Darigold dairies are local to the Northwest, we can use fewer resources getting our dairy products from farm to table.



What does it mean to be farmer owned? It means that our farmers literally own the company. From the barn to the boardroom, they own this place. Heck, maybe one is even writing this website... well not really. But our farmers do care about quality milk, butter, cottage cheese, sour cream and yogurt. It's a matter of personal pride. They also care about their cows and what's best for them. And if it's not a good decision for the cows, it's not right by our farmers. As a farmer-owned company, we also strive to follow sustainable practices. By being stewards of our land, air and water, we're working to ensure that future generations can follow in the Darigold tradition.


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